Orlando Rodriguez is an Architect, Debater and Author of numerous books, such as The True Nature Of Human Nature

The blurb below is for the book: The True Nature Of Human Nature

•”Prove to me that God does not exist.”
•”God has designed every being to be this way. Evolution is a farce.”
•”God’s existence is proven by the Bible.”
•”Hitler and Stalin were Atheists and look at what happened!”

These are but a few of the comments you may hear from people who have faith in a god. We depart on a guided thought experiment to understand how religion came to be, why religion has been a mainstay in modernity and what armamentarium to use in our fight against religious zealots. If you are a theist, the purpose of this book is to reason you out of something you had no reason to believe in the first place. If you are already on the fence, I look to burn down that structure. As I plant the flag for all to see, we will journey through fables, morality, science, and sin and verify if religion can, in fact, be eradicated.

Born in Brentwood, NY, Orlando Rodriguez has moved many times since his childhood. He settled down in Manhattan in 2002. In what can only be described as love at first sight, he met and married his wife in 2003 and has three children. After living in Manhattan for several years, they all moved to Freehold, NJ, where they enjoy the relaxed life on weekends. Orlando’s hobbies include astronomy, working out, playing the guitar and the violin. The True Nature Of Human Nature Is Orlando’s first published work. His second book is When Dinosaurs Fall. His next book will be called The Salubriousness Of A Parasocial Relationship.

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