Why Did God Flood The Earth If He Later Allowed The Same Thing To Happen Again?


Why did the biblical Nephilim become giants among men?  The consensus is that they are the progeny of a angelic paternal father and a earthly maternal mother. “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:4.  Now, before I proceed with with the dissemination of this mythological garbage, I need to state that I believe in full disclosure so I need to declare that the question above was asked by my wife Elke Lopez.  I was highly intrigued, not by the question, because the question is in itself is philosophical and I abhor philosophy but rather by her sound reasoning behind an argument against this purported gigantism. The usual line of thinking is that since the fallen angels were evil, this mixture of spirit and flesh would create malevolent giants only capable of hate and wanton destruction. Gods only course of action; to kill off the entire human race so that the hate that overtook humanity could never happen again.  He only spared Noah and his family, via an ark that Noah built.  “Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; people and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds were wiped from the earth. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark.” – Genesis 7:23. However, my wife, not satisfied with this understanding stated “Why didn’t Jesus become a giant?”  This thinking is very interesting.  The bible shows what happens when spirit matter meets a human ovum.  No one mentioned that Jesus was an unusually large human being, except for the apocryphal Gospel of Peter.  Can hate from a spirit creature affect the growth cycle of a human?  This line of reasoning becomes absurd when understanding  the biology of an animal.  The only way growth would be affected is due to the conflation of the two chromosomal providers, which neither happened to both the progeny of God or the fallen angels.

Lets allow the theist their peace in life by allowing this abomination of celestial and terrestrial creation to occur. Lets forget that gigantism is a characteristic that was observed in the beginning, due to the convolution of flesh and spirit.  Again, it must be stated that God wiped out humanity because it became intrinsically evil with these monstrous leviathans terrorizing the planet. But, if this is the case, why did God allow his angels to again infect humanity with their ethereal sperm, after the flood?  “We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). “We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” – Numbers 13:33.  I use the word sperm as a substitution to immaculate conception. The bible never states that they assumed human bodies, contrary to popular belief.  Did God allow for this mythological calamity to befall humans once again, for the second time, after the flood? What was the purpose of the flood?  Did the angels disobey God once again without fear? Did they not know what happened to their fallen brothers?  If God cannot keep his house in order, how can we have “faith” in the belief that he can rectify the supposed hell on earth?  This predicament is a reaffirmation of what we all secretly know God to be.  Not God at all. Immaculate conception was not a concept original to Yahweh. The demons did it first.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this line of thinking.  Please make your voice heard in the comment section below.


  1. A better question would be: Why would God employ the most elaborate and unintelligent plan as requiring the suspension of all laws of nature for it to succeed — while removing all evidence in the process?

    The list of supernatural interventions needed for this story to work is long:
    How to get untrained people building an impossible structure to support all earth’s species for 40+ days — as never building anything a tenth as complex previously.
    How to feed and water all earth’s animals while on the ark.
    How to prevent all the carnivores form eating their usual prey for 40+ days.
    How to feed carnivores after the flood given only 2 of each species was preserved.
    How the animals reached locations now impassible with the addition of new oceans — thanks to the flood.
    How to resolve where the water went if it covered the highest mountains globally.
    How to get these animals to traverse incredible distances to the ark and back, given some only have legs of an insect.
    How to revive all plant life on earth for animals to feed on.
    How the idea of a flood was necessary given God isn’t bound by space and time — and thus can see the future to prevent all wickedness at the very beginning.

    Also, if all of earth’s creatures fit into one ark, does that mean the ark was as capable of sustaining the creatures of earth as much as the earth itself? Just think about that for a second. How much does a single elephant consume — much less all the varieties of elephants — given many species will eat their own weight in food (much less water) in a given day.

    It’s likely the ark would have to have been 3 times the size above simply housing all creatures. To that, who would gather all the food and carry it into the ark? Evidently it would have been far easier to carry each animal to the ark than to find all the different kinds of food and fresh water — for a week, much less 40+ days.

    Would it not make more sense to simply have Noah stay at home and have all the floods of the earth take place with the exception of his house — in the same style as was done when parting the red sea? Would it not be more praiseworthy to say “Don’t worry about the animals, I created the universe in a day, I can easily create them again.” — removing all doubt to his ability and intelligence? To this model, the only laws needing to be suspended would be to spare Noah’s house. God can again create animals once the vegetation grew back.

    How unnecessary is the whole story as focused on preserving all species of earth when they were created in a single day? This is akin to spending $2 in printing a digital photo, and then spending $200K to protect it from damage.

    No, this story indicates every form of unintelligence as indicative of reasoning by those who made it up. If today we were to invent a story that supports the idea of a global flood, It’s likely we could invent something far more plausible than this one. Intelligent design? Not likely.


    1. I agree with everything you said and more. What about the methane gas created by the excrement of all of these animals? It would have killed everyone on board! The one and only window that God declared to be created would NOT allow the ventilation required for safety. What about animals that were brought onboard by 2s? If only one died, an entire species would have been eliminated! Intelligent design? Hardly! That will be addressed on a future blog post.

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      1. I would love to read a future blog post about the merits of a supreme being as knowing the future — fundamentally contradictory to giving free will to anyone — while allowing millions to suffer and die ahead of any saviour arriving.

        Or how about the implication of god creating light, ”and god saw that it was good” — does this suggest the possibility of god creating something that wasn’t good?

        How about god creating angels — as perfect beings? How about Adam and Eve as perfect beings? How does a perfect being become corrupt from influence by other perfect beings? Further, if Adam and Eve were perfect, how is it there were corruptible? Would that not be a clear indicator to the contrary? For if they were perfect, they would have resisted corruption perfectly.


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