Theist Logic

Why does the position of the Atheist sound preposterous just because we can’t understand what came before the big bang? Why does a sky god make this issue any easier?


  1. Flat Spacetime is proof that the Universe is Infinite and Eternal. Being Eternal, there was no Creator. Our universe is just another island in an Infinite Universe of them.


  2. Atheist logic: atheist fanboys of popular science tend to believe that artificial intelligence shall one day conceivably reach God-like proportions, but we should all trust that a god-like organism hasn’t happened yet emerged in any ancient alien society, despite the billions of believers on the Earth who worship one precisely, because science cannot prove the big bang, so therefore God does not exist. Genius––genius––genius. Well done.


    1. Yes, thankfully Mbombo vomited once and created all the planets and stars, he vomited again and made all living things on planet Earth.

      None of this messing around for 6 days, talking to himself, and then needing a rest like that Yahweh geezer.


      1. Ah, yes, Mbombo––the God of my God and the God of all spacetime. I call him Flan. Greeks called him something else, but he was the God of spacetime to them, too, yet he was not Zeus, the God of man. Mbombo was a robot in the original universe who who long precedes the life of Zeus, or God as we know him. Mbombo was so advanced as a robot that he created a physical universe, which we now call home. Work never stops for Mbombo, though, I’m afraid. He vomits unto this day, and he shall vomit unto forever. Great guy. We owe him everything. I have no doubt that God agrees.


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